Monday, 20 January 2020

Superhero for a day (SLJ)


  1. Hello Chido,

    Cool, these are some interesting superpowers! Do you think you would enjoy being a superhero?

    Super hearing and sight would be so handy. Nobody would ever be able to sneak up on you, and you could listen-in on conversations miles away. Super speed and strength would be wicked! You would never be late for anything ever again! And you would have no trouble carrying home the groceries or moving furniture haha.

    The only one I am not sure about is ‘Blast Power’. What is it? Can you explain how it works?

    I think super sight would also be great for seeing in the dark. Did you know that Owls have the greatest night vision out of all animals in the animal kingdom?

    Thanks for sharing another blog post with us :)


  2. Hi Chido,

    Well done on completing another task in the SLJ. I love the super powers you chose. If I had the choice I would like to travel back in time to talk with my Nana and Grandad who have passed away. It would be so lovely to see and speak with them again.


    Mrs B.


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